About me

Never afraid to speak my mind and think in terms of new solutions, or build on excisting solutions.

My name is Mart. I’m 35 years old and live in Hengelo (Twente Area). I have worked as a software developer for over ten years and specialize in setting up front-ends that are readable, maintainable and above all user friendly.

I finished my Multimedia Designer education in 2008. After that I went on to study Art and Technology (finished in 2013). And after my studies I worked for different IT, advertising and consultancy companies. At the moment I work for Eijsink, building cash register software.

A few companies I worked for through the years:

In the past years I specialized in:

  • Designing a UI based on requirements with software such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign
  • Doing User research to establish the needs of the user regarding new features
  • Translating a design to a front-end which is responsive and can be applied on multiple platforms
  • Building front-ends in Angular and Vue
  • Applying strong typing with Typescript
  • Implement Unit testing for front-ends using Jasmine and Jest
  • Writing Clean Code for front-ends
  • Connect front-ends to Java and .NET backends 
  • Setting up a front-end architecture that splits up components, modules, and services in an orderly fashion
  • Using state management and observables to optimize front-ends as much as possible
  • Leading and guiding students and front-end teams
  • Version management in Git
  • Scrum in all forms and shapes