Horizon goalsetting app

An app that helps you set goals

In 2020 I created the app Horizon. In this app you can set goals, and be reminded of them every day. Within this goal you can create subgoals, and that way you can take little steps towards your bigger goal every day.

Because I’m always focused on productivity, and ways to enhance it, I decided to create this app. I hope more people can benefit from my app. It would be great if it made them more productive.

Used frameworks like Angular and Ionic

I decided to build a hybrid app. The big benefit of this is that I only have one codebase to maintain. This can be compiled to code that is suitable for Android, IOS and even windows platforms. I decided not to use the latter. The app can be found in the app and play store

Year 2020
Techniques used Design, Javascript, Ionic, Angular